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10 Beautifying and Healing Oils

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  Posted 0n:  2018-06-30     Views: 92

I get why some women have an aversion to skin-care oils: Suddenly, the thing that you've been working your whole life to wash off and soak up is the thing that experts are telling you to slather all over your face and body. If you're a skin-oil virgin, start with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil -- rich in vitamins E and B complex and anti-inflammatory zinc -- is extremely common in skin-care products because it's an inexpensive, nonirritating, noncomedogenic emollient. Chances are it's in the face wash or moisturizer you're using now. Plus, ever used a face scrub? Those microbeads are often crystallized jojoba esters. Mind = blown.

Another great thing about jojoba: While most skin-care companies are phasing out synthetic microbeads from their products based on evidence that they harm marine life, jojoba beads are A-OK because they're biodegradable and thus gentler on the ecosystem.

DIY: Apply the oil directly to your face or add a few drops to your usual moisturizer for extra hydration. You can also buy jojoba beads (a craft store is a good place to start) and add them to your regular cleanser whenever you need an exfoliation boost.

So unless you live under a rock (where there are no lady mags or Wi-Fi, obviously), you know there are plenty of uses for coconut oil beyond frying and baking. Yes, fatty-acid-rich, antioxidant-packed, multipurpose coconut oil is having a major moment in the beauty world. But don't forget the other super-oils that may be hiding in your kitchen cupboard or medicine cabinet. Here are clever ways to use olive oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil and more.

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